Blade Runner 2049 - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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Blade Runner 2049 - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games

How has this movie not even made $90 million yet? Is it the length? I am so happy I didn't miss the chance to see this in theatres.

I think my biggest takeaway is how surprisingly affecting it was. I couldn't get enough of the scenes between K (Gosling) and Joi (great supporting performance by Ana de Armas). The 2nd scene in the movie felt like almost 20 minutes of just setting this up, and at the time i found it surprising to spend this much screentime on developing this sub-plot, but it sure paid dividends. It all sets up a highly impactful dramatic scene down the road that was worth the price of admission for me alone.

I loved so many levels of this movie, it was a joy to watch and to listen to. Villeneuve sure has fun using sound in his sci-fi films, and I find myself really looking forward to Dune. Also, easily the best use of CGI I have ever seen in a movie. It puts Rogue One to shame.

I much preferred this sequel to the original. There's a lot of sci-fi meat here for fans to chew through.

This had better get a cinematography nomination at the very least. i would love to see it win for that.

It certainly exceeded my expectations. Really happy I got to see it. Very powerful.


Heart rating: 4.5 stars

Brain rating: 4 stars

There Will Be Games

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