Eighth Grade - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews

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Eighth Grade - Barney's Incorrect Five Second Reviews
There Will Be Games
Super warm and honest look at life for a modern eighth grader.

Was not expecting such a hard-hitting and vulnerable look into life as an eighth grade girl. Was not expecting such an amazing performance. I was expecting a light coming-of-age comedy I guess. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised.

There's a great scene where Kayla befriends some senior high school students and one of them wisely points out that there is a generational gap between students only 4 years apart. Technology and especially social technology is moving so fast that kids are growing up very differently. I certainly felt it watching that scene and I realize that the experiences of kids growing up in school nowadays are going through things that I didn't have to deal with at all.

This really hit home with me as the scenes with her dad trying to connect with her are very much what I'm going to face with my own daughter. Those scenes were for sure my favorite parts of the movie but its just full of great moments with friends, antagonists and pretty much everyone that presents social challenges to kids today.

It's beautifully filmed and through a combination of an incredible lead performance by Elsie Fisher and great camera work, you will FEEL what it's like to try and approach a pool party when you are very unsure of yourself.

I found myself trying to 'parent' a couple of scenes which means the immersiveness of the experiences are really genuine. Between this and Leave No Trace, we're seeing some amazing father/daughter moments being captured on film this year. I'd love to see Josh Hamilton perhaps get a nod for best supporting actor, he really delivers the goods in this.

Very, very brave film. Certainly in the running for best movie of the year in my eyes so far. Loved it. A must-see.
There Will Be Games

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